5 Day Date Your Soulmate Challenge

Tired of being in the same old dating scene? Ready to boost your confidence to call in more aligned relationships?

Of course you do!!

We know finding your person can seem like a never ending quest when the current dating culture can sometimes be overwhelming, exhausting or straight up lame.

When we go out on a series of dead end dates the dating world can get heavy and our confidence can begin to waver.

Or if we've been through the ringer in love our confidence takes a hit leaving us  nervous to get back out there.

Or when we simply don't have the skills to relate powerfully in our communication and reveal our needs and boundaries effectively, it can feel like we don't have what it takes to magnetize the right people.

Dating with intentionality and purpose is an art form requiring a series of relational skills we want to set you up to have. 

In our 5 Day Date Your Soulmate Challenge, you'll be set up to begin this journey of boosting your relational and dating confidence from the inside out.

Each day you'll receive a video tutorial, audio session and journalling PDF's exploring:

• Your first 5 fundamental dating needs
• 5 date ideas to align with your 5 primary needs
• High quality questions to ask in the dating phase and
• 5 love confidence boosters
• The blindspots that have been holding you back from the true love you desire

Dating Doesn't Suck When You're On Your True Love Path. 

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